Classic Pairings: Fresh Beef heart grilled over a open fire of vine-trimmings tasted with Malbec Mendoza, Argentina

In the past decade, Argentina has taken the wine-world by storm.  Quickly moved up the ranking,  not only it is the 5th largest wine producer in the world but it too boasts some fine wines rivaling those of California.  Nowhere else where this transformation is more apparent than Mendoza, the heart-beat of Argentina wine. Mendoza is responsible for some of the most expensive and sought after wines in Argentina.   It is something of magic; an insignificant grape only used for blending in Bordeaux, France could find reign supreme in this land halfway across the globe.  It is Malbec, the name itself is music to the ears of Argentinean, their love-affair with this bold, juicy and full of character grapes is unquestionable.  

Zuccardi Zeta Mendoza Argentina 2009

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Unlike many other wine growing regions in the world, Argentina (and Chile) locating in south of the equator presents them a harvesting season between February and April.   While the rest of the world barely seeing their vine breaking out buds, Mendoza holds one extravagant national grape harvesting festival.   While many others might be busy with festive attractions such as floats and carnivals.  There is a another celebration taking place right in the vineyards, quiet but meaningfully tasty.grilled beef hearts and roasted peppers

There’s no better way to celebrate the end of a growing season by tasting its wine from previous vintages. A sip of wine represents the hard labor and love going into caring for each vine. Ranked the number one country in beef consumption, there is no surprise that Malbec is the go-to wine for steak in Argentina. But in the vineyard, things are done a little differently, fresh beef heart sliced into steaks sprinkled with sea-salt and grilled directly over an open fire made from vine-trimmings.

The smoke fire from the vine-trimmings infused into each bite of steak accents the cedar nose coming from Malbec. Hints of minerals of Mendoza Malbec competes for attention against the sweet iron naturally found in beef hearts. There is something special about this pairings as each ingredient had once shared the same home right here in the vineyard.

Grape vine trimmings

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