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The dearest passion for Wine and Food is the motivation behind this website.  If you are new to wine and Gastronomy, you’ll find many interesting and useful articles on the fundamentals of wines, alongside with wine events, vineyards and wineries to visit.  These articles can be found under “Attraction” and “The Basics”, in no time they will help enhance your future dining or “wining” experience.

What about for seasoned wine-lovers or the connoisseur, that’s what WineSom.com section is for.   ith different areas of wine study: Appellations, Blind Tasting technique and food cultures. If you can dedicate your time to these comprehensive study, we are confident that you’ll be able to succeed the first level Sommelier, Wine Specialist’s examination or the equivalence of.

The more we learn about wines, the deeper we fall in love with them.  We would love to hear from you, let us know how we can improve your experience at NapaReserva.com and WineSom.com.  Explore NapaReserva.com and fall in love, one sip at a time, so that the next glass of wine you taste, far beyond its bouquet, you’ll taste the culture, the history and the way of life surrounding the art of making and enjoy that very wine.

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Napa Reserva is not a retailer or distributor of Wines or any other alcoholic beverages.  Our services are strictly for entertainment and educational purposes.  Wines and other alcoholic beverages are NOT for anyone under the age of 21 and please enjoy them responsibly.

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