Good wine or great wine, it’s all about the taste.  Below are tasting lessons categorized by their difficulty levels from simple tasting technique to enhance your next wine experience to even advanced  level tasting that will uncork the secrets behind Blind-Tasting.

Tilt glass

I.  Fundamentals on Wine Aromas, Bouquet and Tasting 

  1.  Differences between Flavors, Aromas, Bouquet and Descriptors
  2.  Flavors in Wine
  3.  Oak and its effects on wine
  4.  French VS American Oak (coming soon)
  5.  Wine body and structure (coming soon)


3 glasses 2II.  Professional Tasting Technique

  1.  5 Steps for better wine tasting
  2.  How long wines take to breathe? (coming soon)
  3.  Effectively identify flavors and bouquet in wine
  4.  4 Concepts of expert tasting and wine review
  5.  Spotting wine flaws (coming soon)


Wine glassesIII.  Advanced and Blind Tasting Technique -Coming soon…

Study Reference: Blind Tasting Matrix

1. Sight and Appearance

2. Nose and Bouquet

3. Taste and Palate

4. Conclusion

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