Food & Wine Pairings with Scarecrow, Abacus, Harland and Seven Apart

Incredible Tasting event featuring Scarecrow 2015 and 2019, along with Abacus XX, Harland the Maiden 2016 and Seven Apart 2019.

Our event took place at the elegant Plumed Horse, a Michelin Restaurant tucked quietly along the Saratoga foothill. The menu includes: Wild Albacore, Zuckerman Farm Asparagus, Fogline Farm Chicken, Dry Aged Striploin and for dessert, Grog Hollow Far Cherries/Dark Chocolate.

The night’s prelude with Seven Apart 2019 and Harland the Maiden 2016, beautifully crafted wines that drank nicely with the starter dishes; while Abacus XX and Scarecrow demanded the attention of Dry Aged Striploin topped with rich Bordelaise sauce.

As good as the food was, highlight of the night had to be Abacus XX and Scarecrow 2019 rated 100 points by both RP and JS. Abacus is a blend with all its prior vintages, it is a close replica of a Solera system that is implemented in the making of Shery in Spain. Abacus is ready to drink and didn’t take long to open up at all. Scarecrow 2019, what an exceptional wine; it drinks well now but certainly will improve with age. Lay it down for a few more years and you patience will be greatly rewarded.

Until next time…

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