A must try Wine and Food pairing at Sequoia Grove in Napa Valley

If you are a wine & food lover, look nowhere else because we got a great recommendation that it hard to match. Welcome to Sequoia Grove Winery. For $125, you’ll be spoiled with a great line-up of the best wines available for tasting, along with a beautifully prepared 4-course meal that would have you smacking your lips for more.

Sequoia Grove is known for their full body Cabernet Sauvignon, the line up here includes those from their sough after vineyards, such as Tornella, Morisoli, Henrys and to top it all off, their flagship wine: Cambium.

The menu will continue to change on a regular basis; one thing for certain, your taste buds will be on one nice ride, as shown here from fresh taste of garden greens to a rich bite of Venison over a bead of mushroom/red wine reduction. Taste by taste, sip by sip, it will have you question your senses that you have to go back for more hoping for an answer or a confirmation but before you know it, it is gone!

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