thomasleFirst Attraction

A wine tasting trip to Monterey County followed by a fine-dining experience did it for me.  More than a dozen years ago, I became fascinated with Wine and Food cultures from all over the world.  

Entrepreneurship came naturally at an early age and as if fate had in store for me, my coaching and consulting work always seemed to bring me closer to wines. I have been blessed with opportunities to explore many wine and food cultures, especially living right here in this magically diverse San Francisco Bay Area.  It is just a short drive to Napa Valley, and to the equally satisfying Monterey Wine Country in the opposite direction.

Love Affair

What was a hobby over the years turned into a passion, in 2008 I started my wine study through research and travel, tasting and learning one sip at a time.  A couple of years later, I earned my Sommelier Certification from the Court of Master Sommeliers -while sighing over a ginormous pile of over 5000 corks. Since then consulting, hosting events, teaching and writing wine-food articles are what I loosely called “a day at work”.  

Tom at opus one

Sommeliers, we all have one thing in common, we love wines! However, some might specialize in vintages, appellations, producers or French wines; for me, it is all about Wine and Food, and how a culture came about it.  When it comes to Spanish food and wine, I am head over heels. Maybe it was because of Tempranillo, Jamon Iberico and Romance Guitar playing in the distance.  For lack of better word, I fell in love with the culture, its cuisine and of course its wine.

Thomas Le certified sommelierWine and Food Living

Wine study is done by appellations (regions), I revisit my wine study time after time, but now I spend as much time on learning about food as I do with wines. As a self-trained chef, wine-food pairings is my neck of the woods; recreating each regional dish to pair with many different wines is a tasteful way to learn. How a dish and a wine marry together so effortlessly is a thing of beauty. 

Many dishes featured here came directly from our kitchen, it is just a few steps away from our humble wine cellar.  NapaReserva is a collaboration of passions between sommeliers, foodies and wine experts. I dearly hope you’d enjoy exploring NapaReserva as much as I do writing for it. NapaReserva is a Virtual Wine Country where we all come together and celebrate this wonderful way of life, a wine and food living.


Thomas Le, CS, ASBC.
-Certified Sommelier -Court of Master Sommeliers
-Accredited Small Business Consultant

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  1. Jim Ruxin says:


    Like your style and attitude.

    I am a professional wine broker in Los Angeles representing private cellars all over the world. I have many clients in Hong Kong, Singapore and Seoul as well.

    I am always looking for new colleagues and friends in wine. I often go to SF for tastings, dinners, friends and other business.

    Perhaps we should discuss collaborating in some mutually beneficial way in LA or the Bay area.

    Jim Ruxin

    • Napa Reserva says:

      Hi Jim,

      Thanks for reaching out. That sounds wonderful. I’m currently in the East Coast now visiting a few wineries here. I will give you a call once I’m back in town, towards the end of next week.


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