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A wine tasting trip to Monterey County followed by a fine-dining experience did it for me.  A dozen and  a half years ago, I became fascinated with Wine and Food cultures from all over the world.  I have been blessed with opportunities to explore many wine and food cultures, especially living right here in this magically diverse San Francisco Bay Area.  It is just a short drive to Napa Valley, and to the equally satisfying Monterey Wine Country in the opposite direction.

What was a hobby over the years turned into a passion, in 2008 I started my wine study through research and travel, tasting and learning one sip at a time.  A couple of years later, I earned my Sommelier Certification from the Court of Master Sommeliers.

Thomas Le certified sommelierWine and Food Living

Wine study is done by appellations (regions), I revisit my wine study time after time, but now I spend as much time on learning about food as I do with wines. As a self-trained chef, wine-food pairings is my neck of the woods; recreating each regional dish to pair with many different wines is a tasteful way to learn. How a dish and a wine marry together so effortlessly is a thing of beauty. 

Many dishes featured here came directly from our kitchen, it is just a few steps away from our humble wine cellar.  NapaReserva is a collaboration of passions between sommeliers, foodies and wine experts. I dearly hope you’d enjoy exploring NapaReserva as much as I do writing for it. NapaReserva is a Virtual Wine Country where we all come together and celebrate this wonderful way of life, a wine and food living.


Thomas Le, CS, ASBC.
-Certified Sommelier -Court of Master Sommeliers
-Accredited Small Business Consultant

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  1. Napa Reserva says:

    Hi Jim,

    Thanks for reaching out. That sounds wonderful. I’m currently in the East Coast now visiting a few wineries here. I will give you a call once I’m back in town, towards the end of next week.


  2. Jim Ruxin says:


    Like your style and attitude.

    I am a professional wine broker in Los Angeles representing private cellars all over the world. I have many clients in Hong Kong, Singapore and Seoul as well.

    I am always looking for new colleagues and friends in wine. I often go to SF for tastings, dinners, friends and other business.

    Perhaps we should discuss collaborating in some mutually beneficial way in LA or the Bay area.

    Jim Ruxin

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