Classic pairings: Vieiras al horno, baked scallops with Penedes Cava, Spanish Sparkling.

Welcome to the land of contrasts, Penedes is a small region locating within Catalonia community in Northeast Spain.  On one side, its close proximity to the Mediterranean sea brings in much of the coastal influence while the other experiences a rather cooler climate as it creeps up the mountain range.   For the most part, much of Penedes enjoys the Mediterranean climate, warm breezy summer and soft winter.  Warm and long summer are ideal for ripening of grapes, Penedes is the heartland for Spanish Sparkling wine, commonly referred to as Cava, Spainish for Cave or Cellar.  Made by the same Traditional Method of Champagne, but Cava has the unique taste and flavors of its own; fruity, zesty and full of earthy minerals. 

Freifenet Cava Metodo Tradicional Extra DryWine and Food Living

Spanish love their ham, Jamon has long been a delicacy without equal.  Jamon can be enjoyed as an appetizer or used in cooking, especially Jamon Serrano.  Thin strips of Jamon sauteed with onions then top over fresh scallops, all baked on their shells to perfection.   None other than Penedes Cava that can best pair with this dish. This is pairings at its finest, it is Food-Wine-and-then-Food pairings.  Saltiness from Jamon highlights the fruitiness of Cava, vibrant acidity and citrus flavors of Cava transform the scallops into sweet succulent tastes.  Cava must be aged for minimum 9 months on its yeasts which embarks flavors of toasted spice, needless to say that compliments the Jamon’s natural nuttiness so beautifully. A sip of Cava begs for a bite of scallops, the salty-goodness of Jamon then screams for another sip of Cava – a good way to get “happy” and full before you know it.


Vieiras al horno 2

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