Wines of Salta, Argentina

Argentina Wine MapGeography & Climate

Salta is Argentina’s most northernly wine region, it borders both Bolivia and Paraguay to the north.  Vineyards are planted at 5500 feet and some at over 9000 feet.  Although, the land isn’t rich with organic soil but rather sandy and dry.  Thanks to the adjacent Andes mountain to the West, water run-offs from the mountain is rich in minerals fertilize the land on a consistent basis, while sandy soil provides good drainage.  Vines thrive and flourish under such difficult conditions.

At extreme altitude, but that didn’t help with the heat, it is hot and dry in summer months. At times, daytime temperature often soars into the high 90s, this helps ripen the fruits concentrate more flavors.  Night time is a swing, temperature could drop down to the 50s retaining the essential acidity that contributes to the balance of flavors.

Major Varietals

White: Torrontes

Red: Malbec, Cebernet Sauvignon, Tannat and Syrah

Wine making 

Salta’s wine production is very miniscule compared to the rest of Argentina, especially Mendoza tipping over 65% of all Argentina’s wine.  To be exact, less than 5% of wine in Argentina comes out from Salta.  Red Bordeaux and Rhone varietals are widely planted in this region. They are made into decent wines, but nothing spectacular until recently. Many red wines coming out from Salta have been gaining international attention. 

Alamo Torrontes 2012 Salta ArgentinaBut that wasn’t the reason Salta became a must-visit Argentina’s wine destination.  It is all about White wine, Torrontes rules the land here in Salta, Cafayate can best represent Salta for its Torrontes.  Cafayate Torrontes is a Spring Garden in a glass, very aromatic of tropical fruits laced with white flowers, all this flavors are highlighted with vibrant acidity.  Wine of Argentina wouldn’t been  the same without Torrontes, and no region can best showcase the seductiveness of Torrontes than Cafayate, Salta.  

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