Rombauer Vineyard Wine Tasting Napa Valley California

Rombauer has won wine drinkers many times over with its signature California-style Chardonnay. Expressive notes of tropical and stone fruits, laced with bright acidity and just a touch of oak, all round of with rich, creamy and silk-like texture as each sip of Chardonnay tickles the palate.

It’s hard to beat sipping on a chilled glass of Rombauer Chardonnay on a Summer day. Perhaps, the outdoor tasting area was deigned with that in mind, a perfect place to relax and sip on wine while day dreaming with nature.

Despite Rombauer Chardonnay being the crowd’s favorite, their Estate Cabernet Sauvignons are incredible. Rich, dense, complex and lingering, Splice and Atlas Peak Estate Cabernet perhaps can carry the torch forward for Rombauer -a great testimony to their craft.

Thomas Le, CS.



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Thomas Le

-Certified Sommelier (CMS)

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