Why we recommend a visit to Caymus Vineyards, Napa Valley…

Tucked away in the back road between Silverado Trail and Highway 29, you can’t help but feel at ease here at Caymus Vineyards tasting room. Guests will be tasting wine in an impeccable garden, yet so tranquil; soon enough you’ll find yourself drifting away in pleasure while sipping on their wines.

Caymus wines are known to more fruit driven, rich, full and very easy to drink. For those who are new to wines or are still shy with red wines, you might enjoy some Caymus reds. Even for the more experienced drinkers, you can’t go wrong with their Special Select. Indeed, it is our favorite wine out of all.

Let us give you a quick tour via the video below:

Thomas Le, CS.



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Thomas Le

-Certified Sommelier (CMS)

Napa Reserva -Falling for wine, one sip at a time. TM


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