Classic pairings: Spain Rias Baixas Albarino with seared Scallops

Bordering north of Portugal, the region of Galicia nestles itself in the far Northwest corner away from the rest of Spain.  Blessed with 1000 miles of coastline, seafood is very much a part of everyday life.  Many areas along the coast are scattered with very low valleys making way for the sea to reach much further in land.  These estuaries sometime can be tens of miles long bringing with them coastal influence to the area. 

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The beloved Albarino thrives in this region with wild temperature with fairly dry growing season.  Sauvignon Blanc to New Zealand is Albarino to Galicia, and nowhere else in the world adores this wine more than Rias Baixas, translated roughly as low valley (of water) or low estuary.  Rias Baixas is small appellation southeast of Galicia and is world-renowned for its Albarino, which can be described as springtime in a glass.  Captivating orchard perfume of apricots and peaches laced with lively acidity and low in alcohol, Albarino and fresh caught scallops is a regional love-affair.  With their egg roes still in tack, pan-seared Scallops with caper lemon sauce sprinkled with a touch of Paprika.  Light scents of orchard fruit compliment very well with the delicate flavors of scallop. The refreshing acidity in between bites highlights the natural sweetness of scallops. This is wine and food at its simplest form and so perfectly matched.

Although widely popular and accessible, Chardonnay might seem like a good choice.  Skip it!  Grab a bottle of chilled Rias Baixas Albarino, scallops will never taste the same; every bite of it begs for another sip of wine, by all mean don’t resist, just dive in.  Cheers!

Charquino Albarino Rias Baixas 2011

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