Classic Pairings: Kangaroo tenderloin roast with Hunter Valley Shiraz, Australia.

Hunter Valley, which locates on the East coast of Australia. The valley sees moderate rainfall throughout the year, most of it comes during the summer months.  Though summer could get hot, but with consistent moisture and breeze, the region stays relatively nice.  This pleasant weather embraces the region with grass-covered gently rolling hills; country sides are blessed more fresh grass than any game stock can consume and more space to roam.  This is farmland heaven producing some of the best tasting lamb and in the world.  There is also another game on the rise for popularity and only indigenous to Australia.  If you guessed Kangaroo, you got it! Farms have seen a large increase in Kangaroo stock.  For those who enjoy the gaminess in some red meat, Kangaroo has been seen popping up on local menus.  It is a lot leaner than lamb and packed with flavors, Kangaroo is a culinary delight especially for the more health-conscious.

 Kangaroo Tenderloin roast with porcini

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A good glass on Shiraz is to die for with roasted kangaroo.  Barossa Valley in South Australia boasts some of the best bold full-body Shiraz coming out of Australia.  For decades, Hunter Valley is riding the back seat when it comes to this patriotic beloved grape.  Unlike the dry heat from Barossa Valley, Hunter Valley is known for having sub-tropical climate similar to Mediterranean climate with influences from the Pacific Ocean coming from the East.  The air is rather humid giving its Shiraz more earthy notes often associated leather, burnt molasses and even grilled meat.  Perhaps, that is why it is so my better paired with Kangaroo tenderloin -seasoned with nothing more than just sea salt and freshly cracked pepper, served potatoes, grilled Porcini mushroom and vegetables.

Big powerhouse Barossa Valley Shiraz will likely overpower it, as wine with fruitier profile might not marry well with Kangagoo meat.  The earthy notes from Hunter Valley Shiraz and mushroom together compliment the gaminess in Kangaroo while the Shiraz’s subtle structure accentuates its natural flavors.  Smoky meat laced with black pepper rounds off a beautiful finish with the Shiraz’s spicy notes.  Bite after bite, it is hard to resist falling for this place, the “Land down Under”. Cheers

Glenguin Pokolbin Vineyard Shiraz 1999

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