Raymond Vineyards and Winery – Napa Valley Wine Tasting

If lady Gaga has a wine tasting event, this would be it. Artsy, colorful and Red allover, a visit to Raymond Vineyards and Winery will have your senses tingled for more. It is certainly one of a kind, not a typical winery that you’ll find in Napa Valley. What about the wines? Are you a fan of John Legend? Here is where you’ll find his wines, LVE (Legend Vineyard Exclusive)

Eye catchy and themed tasting room would make a great party, but don’t let that fool you. Raymond Reserve Cabernet is widely popular that you can find in your local supermarket. It is very reasonably price and with great taste. You will not miss the red Velvet label that makes this wine pop of the shelf, certainly not the typical wine label around. If you are a fan of high caliber Reds, Raymond is serious with their Cabernets. Generations and District series boasts some of the best wines in the area. Some could fetch close to $200/bottle.

If you haven’t been to Raymond, we highly recommend it. You will enjoy the uniqueness to this estate and how each tasting room defines your senses.

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