Wines of Patagonia, Argentina

Argentina Wine MapGeography & Climate

From the most northernly region of Salta, where conditions are harsh, 1200 miles south of it is Patagonia.  Patagonia shares little similarity with Salta.  Although Patagonia also has its back against the Andes mountain, snow-capped mountain peaks are a year round phenomenon, vineyards in Patagonia find themselves further downhill on rather flat land.

Rich soil can be found in the Northern region of Patagonia while southern regions are covered with gravels and stones providing great drainage for vineyards around.  The region benefits little with mountain run-offs, the air is however dry and cool, constant breeze coming from the Andes mountain strips away any humidity allowing the vines to grow more naturally.

Major Regions

Rio Negro

Major Varietals

Red: Pinot Noir and Malbec

White: Chardonnay, Riesling and Muscat

Wine Making

Cool climate varietals thrive here in Patagonia. Wines of Patagonia often take on a refreshing profile, lower in alcohol but vibrant and young.  Higher acidity resulted from cooler climate, Patagonia wines are best to pair with food.


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