Wine & Food Parings at Joseph Phelps Winery & Vineyard

If you are familiar with Napa Valley, the name Joseph Phelps (JP) shouldn’t sound out of place to you. Rooted deeply in the Napa Valley Viniculture, JP Winery has been around for decades and the past decade or so, JP has been producing some of the best Cabernet Sauvignon and Bordeaux Blends that the valley has to offer. Its flagship wines: Insignia and Backus have racked up quite a reputation as well as earning incredibly high ratings.

Food and Wine Parings

Who you say no to small bites while sipping on some wines, not to mention the great view. If you are in the area, JP is iconic with outstanding wines. We highly recommend tasting their Insignia and Backus if they are available. For foods? Small bites are always nice but it is completely fine to leave them out. Let the wines speak volume and enjoy!

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