Classical Pairings: Bordelaise Mushroom sauce over seared Duck Breast paired with a glass of Bordeaux, France

Ducks have been enjoyed all over the world.  Juice red meat with a slight gaminess gave way to culinary limitless.  Asia boasts whole roasted duck while South-Americans like them grilled over an open fire.  Ducks are versatile and known for their high fat content that provides unique flavors, each culture seems to their way to turn ducks into many amazing tastes.

There is a region, world renowned for its wines, it is Bordeaux, France.  In Bordeaux area, Duck is than just an ingredient, nowhere else can be more fascinated with it.  Bordeaux challenges the culinary imagination when it comes to duck.  Sweet wine is best with Foig Gras, Duck confit begs a glass of left-bank Bordeaux and Juicy Duck Breast seared to perfection is a perfect match with either Pomerol or St. Emillion.

panseared duck breast with bordelaise rushroomWine and Food Living

Ducks are known for their succulent fat that provides flavors, texture and richness to any dish.  Duck breasts on the other hand are much leaner are more delicate.  They are juicy and full of flavors,  which can be highlighted with many different sauces.  What can be more Bordeaux than Bordelaise sauce?  Bone marrow, butter and red wine are the base of Bordelaise sauce.  Adding grilled mushroom infused an earthy flavors to the sauce, combined that with a simple pan-seared duck breast, that makes a mouth-watering experience.

Bordeaux region is divided into two by the Gigonde River, Left bank region where Cabernet Sauvignon rules the land as well as the blends. On the other side of the river, Merlot reigns supreme, the wines are more subtle and elegant making it a perfect match for a delicate seared duck breast.  Refined and soft tannins glide effortlessly with each juicy bite of duck breast with no attempt to overpower it.  The earthiness from wine compliments the hint of gaminess, while its fresh minerals echoes the sweetness of duck ever so gently.  A bite of duck begs for a sip of wine, then a sip of wine seduces for another taste of duck; there is really no going back. Cheers!

Lassegue Saint Emillion Grand Cru 2007

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